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100 Days of Amy Finishing Things


“100 days of making” is a global creative project with the purpose of getting people into the habit of making. And if you've known me for 10 minutes you’ll know I am all about everyone being creative. So 1 November I joined in to keep up my own creative momentum, but in my particular area of need. My take is “100DaysOfAmyFinishingThings” :) turns out there are a few people who never finish things - so Amy was added. Clunky, yup.

I will never forget, my first ‘proper job’ - the industry where I thought I would start to build my career, in television. The CEO said something along the lines to me - “ideas are a ‘dime a dozen’, it’s about making things happen.” For me that took along time to sink in, but it was just what I needed to hear to ruminate in my psyche. Fast forward about 10 years and I have slowly realised I do have an area of growth around this idea. Ding dong well done me. I am a natural dreamer. I think up random, strange ideas, without the help of drugs I might add, and act on some of them. The thrill of the a new idea is really, honestly something that literally hits me with a dose of dopamine. Really getting into materialising ideas and finishing things however, has never been my talent. After a certain age though, talent doesn’t really count for much. So 100 days is my new answer in self improvement. My aim - 100 days where I do not, I repeat Amy do not, start anything new. I have journals and journals of ideas, thoughts, fictitious projects and actual projects I’ve started, all of which just need a bit of love and attention. I will aim to work on them every day for 100 days. Starting with this website :)

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